2018 Europe Day Celebration In Chongqing

6th June 2018



On 26th May, 2018, the European Chamber Southwest Chapter joining hands with Chongqing 303 Theater organized the “2018 Europe Day Celebration” in 303 Theater. Around 500 guests, including representatives of European Consulate Generals, local government, and local and foreign business attended the event.

 2018年5月26日,中国欧盟商会西南分会携手重庆国瑞303艺术剧场举办了“2018年欧洲日庆典”。 欧洲总领事馆,当地政府以及本地和外国企业的代表等500名嘉宾出席了活动。


The celebration started in the afternoon with the Europe Day Market which consisted of over 30 exhibitions and activities held by event sponsors including family-friend games. Guests also experienced the Hungarian folk custom and Lingju Sichuan opera. Both European and Chinese styled cuisines and drinks were provided.



The main ceremony started with the Chair of EUCCC Southwest Chapter Mr. Paul Sives’ opening speech. Representatives from the European consulates in Southwest China (Mr. Lorand Diossi, Consul-General of Hungary; Mr. Adrien Cavey, Deputy Consul-General of France; Mr. Alexander Fowles, Deputy Consul-General of Germany; Mr. Thomas Falkenhagen, Deputy Consul-General of Netherlands; Mr. Stephen Agnew, Deputy Consul-General of the United Kingdom and Ms. Agata Pieńkosz, Deputy Consul-General of Poland) also delivered short speeches on behalf of their countries. After the EU Anthem and the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China were played, Mr. Paul Sives together with representatives of Consulate Generals and government cut the Europe Day cake.

活动正式开始,首先是中国欧盟商会西南分会董事会主席致欢迎辞。欧洲驻中国西南领事馆代表(匈牙利总领事Lorand Diossi先生,法国副总领事Adrien Cavey先生,德国副总领事Alexander Fowles先生,荷兰副总领事Thomas Falkenhagen先生,英国副总领事Stephen Agnew先生和波兰副总领事AgataPieńkosz女士)也发表了演讲。 在欧盟国歌和中华人民共和国国歌演奏后,Paul Sives先生与总领事馆和政府的代表一起切下蛋糕,庆祝欧洲日。


Cifra and Fajusz Banda’s traditional Hungarian dancing and music successfully drew every guest’s attention and promoted the evening into the climax. Performances from BaShu Ivy School, Chongqing No.8 Secondary School, Yew Chung International School, and Art Troupe of XiaoBaiHe were presented in succession on the stage, and ended with New-School Sichuan Opera which was performed by Wu Xi, the winner of Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Prize. Five rounds of lucky draws with over 50 prizes were also announced between the performances.

匈牙利Cifra和Fajusz Banda歌舞团体的演出精彩纷呈。还有包括来自巴蜀常青藤学校,重庆八中,耀中国际学校和小白合艺术团的表演,以及303剧场新派川剧剧目节选演出。演出期间还有五轮幸运抽奖,其中有50多个奖项。








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