be cool with coca-cola sci-tech amusement park in metropolitan oriental plaza

17th July 2018


High temperature can be a "killer" to appetite. We lose interest in hot dishes no matter how delicious they are. But a glass of Coca-Cola with amazing ice cube? Everybody loves it, right?

No Doubt!

Hey, Coca-Cola fans, it must be a wild dream to wander in the world of Coca-Cola.

The dream came true when the brand new “Coca-Cola Sci-tech Amusement Park”, the first indoor Coca-Cola theme park in Southwest China opened in Metropolitan Oriental Plaza. Fun, fantasy, advanced technology, experiential activities, inspiration and relaxation - everything you are expecting is integrated into one amusement park, where wonderful experience takes place.



Coca-Cola fans, excited already?

By taking advantage of frontier technologies, Coca-Cola Sci-tech Amusement Park offers the best experience of VR: (Happy Roller Coaster)Take a ride in this unique roller coaster and enjoy the 5D VR special effect. It brings you the simulation of the roller coaster’s climbing, diving, spinning and bumping…all within your head. The scream is real! Yay!



(Sci-Fi Train) Over 80 popular 9D science fiction videos for you to enjoy in a train.


(Time travel with Coca-Cola) With the holographic projection, visitors are able to understand the interesting history and collectable items of Coca-Cola. Let the 3D “Polar Bear” be your tourist guide and walk through the history of Coca-Cola without the use of glasses equipment.


(Happy Ride) Do you want to be a hero and “save the mermaid”? The game is filled with fun, energy and you may compete with your friends to fight for the comic mermaid.

(Funny Ocean) A game that combines painting, somatosensory and creativity. The AR scanning system allows you to create your own creatures in the sea and enjoy the fun of creativity.


Numerous innovating games and cutting-edge technologies bring you wonderful experience.


During soft opening period, customer presenting the discount coupon from Coca-Cola six-pack and other bottled products could enjoy the free admission, one free game and a special gift pack from the Coca-Cola Sci-tech Amusement Park.


Combine entertainment with retail, Metropolitan Oriental Plaza is leading the style of "Retailtainment". With this new fascinating establishment and other facilities, the mall becomes the hotspot of the town.






可樂迷們,不僅要喝得開心 在可樂的世界裡暢遊 又是一種怎樣全新的體驗?

西南地區 首家“可口可樂”主題室內樂園 可口可樂科幻體驗館 登陸大都會東方廣場! 集遊樂、科技、互動、益智、休閒于一體,致力為廣大客人帶來繽紛歡樂體驗。

可樂粉, 激動不?

可口可樂科幻體驗館運用大量前沿科技,將VR技術使用到極致: (歡樂過山車)採用5D VR特效視頻,讓遊客在安全保證的前提下,體驗爬升、俯衝、失重、旋轉等“非一般”的過山車刺激感受;

(科幻列車)超過80套熱門9D VR主題視頻,讓遊客在定制火車上感受栩栩如生的光學影像;


(樂在騎中)集樂趣、健身、競技與動漫故事於一體,體驗“解救美人魚”的動感與激情; 想拯救美麗動人的小美人魚嗎?快來和小編一起去感受吧!



小可樂們,想去玩嗎? 你們的機會來啦!

全市同賀 暑假大玩樂開業大促 可口可樂科幻體驗館開園之際,在各大超市購買可口可樂拉罐六聯包及瓶裝產品,即有機會獲得科幻體驗館體驗券,憑券享免費入場及體驗遊戲項目優惠和開業禮包。

什麼?還不夠? 在這個夏天,緊隨可口可樂科幻體驗館開幕,重慶市渝中區首家專業電競館——“火拳電競館”也即將於8月份正式面世。

渝中區首家專業電競館 火拳電競館緊接開業

大都會東方廣場, 結合零售與玩樂體驗 “Retailtainment”的生活模式 迎來這家新穎有趣的體驗館,勢必與網紅山城一樣,成為全民熱點。

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