Coin Exhibition Officially Opened in Baren Museum

08th August 2018


Have you ever seen hollowed-out coins or key-shaped coins? The Tour Exhibition of Chinese Coin Culture (Chongqing Station) has opened in Baren Museum, Jiulongpo District. It features 600 pieces (sets) of precious coins, which is held jointly by the cultural museum organizations of Beijing and Chongqing in the first time.

Coin Exhibition Officially Opened in Baren Museum-1

It's noted from organizer that this exhibition, which is held jointly by Chongqing Baren Museum and Beijing Ancient Coin Exhibition Hall, is the second station of coin culture tour of Beijing Ancient Coin Exhibition Hall this year. Based on this one, it is added two parts, namely the cultural charming of Chinese ancient coins" and "The story of Chongqing Coins in modern history".

Coin Exhibition Officially Opened in Baren Museum-2

According to the organizer, there will be 619 sets of coins and notes shown in this exhibition, some of which are rare species, such as the Sichuan rupee with a profile of the Guangxu emperor, which is known as the only head coin of the emperor in Chinese currency history.

Coin Exhibition Officially Opened in Baren Museum-3


This coin exhibition will last until October 14. If you like traditional culture and coin culture, then this is a must-go exhibition.





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