Cool Summer Destination ‖ Travel Guide of Kaizhou

29th August 2018



Full Moon Village

Picturesque nature landscape and significant three-dimensional climate
This village is an idyllic paradise to cool down in summer
Blessed with rich historical culture and distinctive tourism
Let alone its pleasant environment and plentiful resource
Both normal tourists and shutterbugs find their own escape here

Full Moon Village has another surprise for you--
A wide filed dotted with colorful coreopsis
Savor yourself in the fantasy now


Tanjia Town


An ideal destination in summer
Where mountain spring keeps pouring down
Even in burning summer of hot pot city Chongqing
You can’t feel heat wave hitting here
As average temperature is unbelievably 20℃ daily


Invite several friends or take your family
Go shipping leisurely, swimming and camping
In Huaxian Valley
You may find even in summer outing can be an enjoyment



Dayakou National Forest Park
Is equipped with completed functions
So it’s highly recommended if you want to spend a whole day

If you haven’t embraced by a field of purple flowers
Then come to Purple Sea next to Dayakou
Have a taste of “elegance”


Hot Spring Town


Honored as the National Scenery Spot
Fairy Cave is one nature wonder worthy of a visit


The cave are dotted with
Kaleidoscopic stalactites and stalagmites inside
Magical and extraordinary, deep and mystical

Walking into the nature cave
Gazing nature’s masterpiece revealing in front of you
This is how we savor ourselves a cool summer.


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