Delicious Food hidden in these Bomb Shelters of Chongqing

01th August 2018


Bomb shelter, known as the important city space in Chongqing, is warm in winter and cool in summer and is super cool in its style. In Chongqing, the unique conditions of the bomb shelter have been fully used and developed into many food stores. Sitting in it in summer to eat delicious food can make people more comfortable, and this has also become a unique scene in Chongqing.

Then, let’s check the delicious restaurants which are hidden in bomb shelters.


Laotongxue Dongzi Hot Pot

It becomes popular in this mountainous city because of the movie Chongqing Hot pot Hero. It’s a little hard to get there due to its location.

It is a typical food store in a bomb shelter, and eating hot pot here is very comfortable in summer. Its outlook is an old Chongqing hot pot with a rich flavor of beef oil. When the hot pot serves up, people will fall into temptation, and its spicy and delicious taste is quite good.

Address: No.81-22 Xuefu Avenue Nan’an district

Contact : 023-62822042

Average price: 76RMB

Zeng Laoyao Fish Restaurant

Located at Changbin road (across from Binjiang park), the decoration of the store is mediocre, but it looks unique maybe because of setting in bomb shelter.

It is a famous queuing restaurant in Chongqing, and is welcomed by people all the year around. The Youting crucian carp is worth tasting and known as the specialty there.

Address: No. 218, Changbin Road, Yuzhong District (across from Binjiang Park)

Contact: 023-63924315

Average price: 75RMB

Dongting Hot Pot

The absolute old qualification of the bomb shelter boiler shop, with a long history, is also a famous queuing restaurant, which requires you make a reservation in advance! Though the gate looks small, once entering it, you will find the bomb shelters are linked together.

Hot pot soup of very rich beef oil is not very hot but very fragrant. Duck blood is really delicious, tender and fresh. And tender beef

and local beer is super recommended, because it is boilproof and tasty.

Address: No. 153-1, Zhongshan 3rd Road, Yuzhong District

Contact: 023-63861085

Average price: 79 RMB

Linjiangmen Dongzi Hotpot

Located in Linjiangmen and established at Linjiangmen street in 1976, it’s known as the delicious food restaurant with a reasonable price.

After so many years, the hot pot restaurant has moved from the shelter, but the taste still the same. With its old Chongqing hot pot and a rich flavor of beef oil. Its spicy and delicious taste is quite good.

Address: Guomao Building (across from 402 station)

Contact: 023-63728733

Average price: 87RMB

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