Follow this schedule for the second half of the year’s travel

16th Junly 2018


In a blink of an eye, we are already half way through 2018. Have you traveled in the last six months? If you missed the flowers and the spring breeze in the first half of the year, Then you should cherish the remaining time of 2018 by exploring this beautiful country. If you are still wondering where to go, take a look and find the perfect spot for you!

July Ligongba, Qijiang

The Ligongba is surrounded by mountains. There are many waterfalls, lakes, and a sea of flowers in the large areas. When July comes, flowers of various kinds bloom. A perfect weekend getaway.

if you want a little more romance, you can stay in Rose Valley overnight. Here you can find the camping areas, and eco wooden houses, and other hotels. Couples delight in the countryside air.


Address: LigongBa, Shihao Town, Qijiang Self-driving: Main Town - Ganshuizhen- Datong- Shihaozhen -Zhangshiba-Xinwanlong-LaowanLong- Huaba Scenic Spot

August- Fairy Mountain, Wulong

When looking for a cool place to escape the summer heat, Fairy Mountain is a must. The average temperature in summer is a comfortable 22 degrees, and the air is clean and fresh. Even while jogging you can experience the pleasures of nature.


The Three Natural Bridges area has been appointed as a 5A scenic national park.

You may have scene these beautiful areas in the movie Curse of the Golden Flower or Transformers 4, and for good reason. The scenery is astounding, and makes for stunning photographs. In the summer, walking through the park, you can feel the cool air and breathe the fresh air. A welcome respite from the heat of Chongqing.


Address: Fairy Mountain Town, Wulong Self-driving: Yuxiang Express Way-Nanchuan-Wu Long- Fairy Mountain

August- Fairy Mountain, Wulong


Located in Yubei district, this areas special feature is the various abandoned mines. The dozensof mines along the Tongluo Mountain range remind visitors of long-lost pearls, perfect for enjoying a cool summer swim with friends and family.

Address: Shichuan Town, Yubei district Route: Cuntan Interchange-Haier Road-Huyu Expressway- Tongluo mountain

October - Ba'nan Tianping Mountain

Tianping Mountain Scenic Spot, located on Tianping Mountain, Ersheng Town, Ba’nan District. Only half an hour from the city centre, you can enjoy nature, clean air, and get back to the basics. Who needs a phone when you have fresh flowers to look at and luxuriant grass beneath your feet?


There is a sea of kelsang flowers her, which is known throughout China. When it comes to the last autumn season, the flowers on Tianping Mountain bloom longer than most other places. It’s the perfect place to bring your loved one for a romantic date.

November- Hong’ensi Forest Park


Known as the natural oxygen spa in centre city, this park is a favourite among locals. With various flowers which bloom year-round, each season brings a new delight.

In November, it’s the most beautiful season to explore the park, as the weather has cooled and the ginkgo trees are blooming.

Address: Next to No.305 Hong Shi Road, Jiangbei District Route: Take Bus line 631 to the Gate of the Forest Park directly.

December- Tongjing Hot Springk


December is the best season to visit a hot spring. At Tongjing you can experience both hot and cold springs, and revitalize your body. Wash away the dirt of the year and renew your soul at this natural hot spring.


The hot spring scenic area has also recently upgraded their facilities with traditional wells to meet the needs of their customers.


Address: Tongjing Town, Yubei Self-driving: Ring Expressway (Entrance fo Konggang)-Yulin Expressway- Caoping-Caotong Road-Tongjing

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