Summer days are coming, let’s go to the Qijiang to prevent the heatstroke

09th July 2018


Summer days have already arrived, where are we going to spend these hot days? Now a new place we would like to recommend to you to prevent the heatstroke, which called Qianjiang province.


Shuixiang Village

With an average altitude about 1200 meters, its the place which equipped with a good eco system, and also known as the natural air conditioner and natural oxygen bar, you can bring you family to go there to have a cool vacation on weekeeds in this summer.

Shisan villages, Tujia minority

Located at the depth of mountain range, also known as the last peaceful land for Tujia ethnicity. The traditional architecture Diaojiaolou (also known as wooden house projecting over the water) built along the mountain and people live next to the river. Which it gives the romantic feelings for people.

In addition, there is also a home stay which secluded in this place- Yunshang Village, here you can see the cloud and sunrise, which it gives the multiple valley experience for visitors.

Santang Gai

Santang Gai, located in Baitu, is known as the fairy land in the earth, it is the place you can see the “Sky road”, besides seeing sea of clouds, there are also other scenes you can’t miss such as Mount Guiwang and etc.

Zhuoshui Ancient Town

It’s the ancient town with thousands of history, with stilted buildings of Tu ethnicity, water transport terminal, and commercial market.

Through the lane and towards to the wharf, the first site comes to your eyes is the wind and rain porch bridge, which stretch across the Apeng river.

Puhua Lake

The scenic spot, which located at the Zhuoshui of Puhua lake, Qiangjiang district, with about 2 km of under stream and the most depth spot can reach to 20 meters.

It consists of Helong pond, Wanyan Cave and three natural bridges and under streams.







白土三塘蓋,一個被譽為人間仙境。在三塘蓋,除了能夠看“天路”、觀雲海之外,還有龜王山、九門十八洞等許多不可錯過的風景。 此外,這裡還隱藏著一個風景獨好的民宿——雲上村。在這裡可以為遊客創造觀雲霧、賞日出,聽風、感雨的多重山谷體驗空間。





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