Vintage Travel: Pillar-supported Dwellings in Chongqing

17th July 2018


Every metropolis can be represented by its typical architecture, such as the Hutong in Beijing, the Longtang (lane) in Shanghai, the Xiangzi (alley) in Chengdu. As for Chongqing, it has been fond of pillar-supported dwelling backing against the green mountains and facing the river. Today, we would like to recommend some primitive pillar-supported dwellings in Chongqing. Less populated, these places boast breathtaking sceneries which are ideal tourist destination in summer.

Hong’an Old Street

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When it comes to pillar-supported dwelling, people cannot help thinking of the novel Border Town by Shen Congwen. The fascinating old city bears an old and mysterious atmosphere where tourists can see the flavor of western Hu’nan everywhere. The Border Town is modeled on Hong’an town in which stands plenty of old buildings. The Tujia and Miao minority villages are built in particular style, and the river is picturesque with its blue waves. Actually, the most eye-catching site is the Soula Ferry, moving between banks by a steel wire that connects the wharfs.

Address: Hong’an Town, Xiushan County

Surrounding attractions: Chuanhegai, Xiushan County

Chiyou Jiuli Town

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In the drizzling mountains, there is such a city that bears the dream of Miao Minority people for thousand years - Chiyou Jiuli Town, which locates in Pengshui County. In the town, the most fascinating site is the pillar-supported dwelling complex which is built against the mountain, with more than 300 houses with a drop of 81 meters high, making it the biggest pillar-supported dwelling complex in the world.

Address: east bank of Wujiang River, Pengshui County

Surrounding attractions: A’yi River, Mowei Mountain, Pengshui County

Zhuoshui Ancient Town

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The pillar-supported dwellings of Zhuoshui Ancient Town lie on the four or five meters-high levee of A’peng River built with stripped rocks. Looking up from the levee, the pillar-supported dwellings look like standing in the cloud. Standing on the pillar-supported dwellings, looking at the distant mountains and misty A’pengjiang River, the relaxed and happy feeling arouse in the heart.

Address: Zhuoshui Town, Qianjiang County

Surrounding attractions: A’peng River, Youyang County; Mini South China Sea

Baisha Ancient Town

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Baisha Ancient Town is worth visiting than many other towns. Along the river in the town, there are lots of pillar-supported dwellings built in diverse style. Without much business, everything here can be reflected in a pot of tea in the old teahouse where the stories are being narrated by storytellers. It is a joy to do nothing but sit here.

Address: Baisha Town, Jiangjin District

Surrounding attractions: Simian Mountain, Dayuan Cave, Jiangjin District



















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