Your Body and Soul Need A Relaxing Spa

24th August 2018


Fridays are awesome, cause tomorrow our dog-tired soul could be pleased by…maybe a spa?

Chongqing has long been recognized as a renowned area for hot springs, and there are dozens of options for hot spring spa.

So take your towel and I will take you… TO THE SPA!!!

Northern Hot Springs Park (北温泉风景区)



(北温泉风景区)For around 1600 years, this area has been a popular bathing spot as well as an important religious site for followers of Buddhism.

In the late 2000s, the hot springs were controversially commercialized and brought under the control of the Bolian Resorts Group (柏联酒店集团). Fortunately, some sections of the old park have been preserved, including the historic Hot Springs Temple (温泉寺).

Address: State Highway 212, Beibei District (北碚区212国道旁边)

Route: Take a train to Beibei Station on Metro Line 6 and catch bus no. 510, 511, 518, 520 or 556 from the Wulukou (五路口)

Ronghui Hot Spring (融汇温泉)



The Ronghui Hot Spring area has open-air spring pools, indoor spa as well as other entertaining programs, providing you with both relaxing and exciting activities.

Address: 6 Huiquan Road, Shapingba District (沙坪坝汇泉路6号)

Route: Take a train to Yanggongqiao Station on Metro Line 1, and then catch bus no. 228.

Southern Hot Springs Park (南温泉公园)



Built in 1927 and is only 18 kilometers from the downtown, the Southern Hot Springs Park is considered one of the 12 Sightseeing of Bayu, with waterfall, streams, caves as well as tress contributing a harmonious and livable community.

Address: 99 Southern Hot Springs Park Road, Banan District (巴南区南温泉公园路99号)

Route: Catch a train to Huaxi Station on Metro Line 3, then take bus no. 309 or 327 to get to the park

Tianci Hot Springs Resort (天赐温泉度假酒店)

Address: Tianci Hot Springs Road, Hangu Development Zone, Jiulongpo District (九龙坡区含谷开发区天赐温泉路1号)

Address: Tianci Hot Springs Road, Hangu Development Zone, Jiulongpo District (九龙坡区含谷开发区天赐温泉路1号)

Route: Bus routes 206, 216, 217, 253, 298, 504; Bus 217 departs from the North Square of Chongqing North Station

Tongjing Hot Springs (统景温泉)



There are hills, small islands, caves and ponds in the Tongjing Hot Spring Area, with a river flowing in the front of the spring spot, and it was therefore regarded as a “wonderland embraced by water”.

Address: 66 Jingquan Road, Tongjing Town, Yubei District (渝北区统景镇景泉路66号)

Route: Direct buses to the hot springs depart from the Hongqihegou Bus Station

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