CEIBS Executive Seminar - Win the Economic War with Strategic Innovation - Oct. 19th, Chongqing

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The European Chamber Southwest Chapter is delighted to invite you to participate in this upcoming CEIBS Executive Seminar.

Why do some companies suffer from organizational inertia and continually operate with the same strategic frames and barriers? Companies that are able to break this inertia and innovate their strategy are increasingly taking an advantage in the market battlefield. In this seminar CEIBS Professor of Strategy Peter Moran will explore a framework for thinking about Strategic Innovation that is also useful for developing and assessing your organization’s business strategy. In particular, we will address the question, what is Strategic Innovation and consider why it is so difficult to execute. Attendees will learn how to overcome organizational inertia, to ‘break the rules’ and collectively expand their economic potential.

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Headquartered at its largest campus in Shanghai, China Europe International Business School is mainland China's leading business school, with three programmes globally ranked by the Financial Times. CEIBS offers MBA, Finance MBA, Executive MBA, Executive Education and PhD programmes. Established in 1994 as a non-profit joint venture between the Chinese and European governments, CEIBS also has campuses in China's political capital, Beijing, and Zurich in the heart of Europe. CEIBS also offers programmes from its facilities in Shenzhen to China's south and Accra in Ghana.

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Mr. Peter Moran
Associate Professor of Strategy, CEIBS
Prior to joining CEIBS, Dr. Moran was a Senior Lecturer at UNSW Australia Business School, and an Assistant Professor of Strategy and International Management at London Business School, UK. Dr. Moran received his PhD in strategy from INSEAD and an MBA in Business Policy from Cornell University. He has taught core courses in Strategy, General Management and Strategic Problem Solving for both full-time and Executive MBA programmes at London Business School, where he twice earned the “Best Core Teacher” award from the School's Executive MBA Classes.

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