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The European Chamber Southwest Chapter, Chongqing Association of Enterprises with Foreign investment (CQAEFI) and Chongqing Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce (COCCC), Youth Federation of Chongqing Overseas Chinese (YFCOC) are delighted to invite you to the Speed Business Meeting on the 15th December 2016, at Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Huayu Chongqing.

Join us for an exciting evening to expand your business and social connections and to meet possible partners and customers in a fast way! During the event you will have the opportunity to struck up quick conversations with many people and introduce yourself and the business profile of the company/organization you represent. At the end of the event we provide a short networking session which allows you to further develop the newly formed business connections and have a friendly chat with the participants.


1. Online registration
2. Email registration: please send Company Name, Name, Title, Mobile Number to The registration is complete only if a confirmation letter is received.
Agenda Tips

Please make sure you are taking enough business cards with you.

Rehearse your "elevator pitch": a short concise self-introduction that ideally does not exceed 60 seconds. Prepare a small New Year gift (better with company logo) which will be given randomly to your counterparts after the event. Stay on the move!

Cocktail, wine and soft drinks will be provided during the event

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