wonderful Chongqing

Chongqing is warm in winter and hot in summer and is regarded as one of three famous “Furnace” cities along the Yangtze River with maximum temperatures reaching as high as 43℃. However, lying in a subtropical monsoon climate zone, Chongqing is still a good place to live with its year-round average temperature of 18℃. Rainfall in Chongqing is ample but mal-distributed. It rains heavily at nights during spring and summer but becomes overcast with showers during fall. In winter, foggy days come frequently and limit sunshine, making Chongqing one of those famous “fog cities”.

wonderful Chongqing

Chongqing could also be called “City of Rivers” for at least six rivers run through the city. As a consequence, Chongqing has lots of riverside roads which are ideal for leisure and dining. When darkness falls, lights stretch along the rivers for kilometers making for fabulous night views.

The confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers is called Chaotianmen Harbor where you can see these two different colored rivers join together. The world's greatest water control project, the Three Gorges Dam, is located downstream.

Chongqing is also a “Mountain City” with as much as 70% of the city built on the slopes surrounding the river junction creating very unique living conditions. For instance, one Chongqing’s light rail lines passes through buildings and much of the system is underground like a subway. Roads are often narrow, steep and very windy with one or two 360° and more looping up the steep slopes of Nanshan.

wonderful Chongqing

Because Chongqing is built on the hillsides, many buildings can be entered from multiple floors other than the ground floors. And many apartments boast views of eye-level passing traffic on flyovers and skyways all over the city.

Owing to Chongqing’s unique topography, local people are not so good at using north, south, east and west when giving directions. In fact, the direction of river flow might be the first thought for a local's sense of direction. So, when meeting your Chongqing friends or asking for directions, don’t forget to take your Chongqing Expat Guide, find a landmark building as a reference and think about the directions using up, down, left and right. It could be tough at first, but it's also a good start of experiencing this amazing city.