City of Landscape·Chongqing the Pretty Appears At ASTA

Liu Qi, the Director of Chongqing Tourism Bureau Met With Mr. Komatsu, the Japanese Consul General in Chongqing and His Delegation

Aiming to exploit American tourists market, improve the awareness and impact in United States, the Chongqing Tourism organized relating counties and tourism companies to Guizhou during the opening of American Society of Travel Agents(ASTA), leaded by the deputy director, Qin Dingbo. They developed further communication upon cooperation in tourism market with more than 130 US travel agents, and successfully took place the promotion event - “City of Landscape·Chongqing the Pretty”.

Representative members from American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), tourist and media industry of Guizhou Province gathered together on the promotion event on 11th November. A lively part of Impression Wulong - Chuanjiang working song, light up the atmosphere at first. Deputy Qing Dingbo made an introduction of the overview, development and encouraging policies of tourism in Chongqing, as well as how America is closely connected to Chongqing in history, deeply impressing present guests.

City of Landscape·Chongqing the Pretty Appears At ASTA

During the presentation of the vice president of ASTA, Mr. Robert·Duglin, he specifically mentioned that while browsing CNN recently in US, he noticed that Chongqing ranks the top of worldwide fastest growing tourism cities released by the World Travel and Tourism Council. He experiences how American tourists are attracted by the development of Chongqing, strengthening the idea of cooperation with Chongqing. Then he suggested that American travel agents present set Chongqing as an important station in Chinese tourist routes, gaining huge applause.

The promotion of Chongqing is organized by multi-party participation, market operation, the main form of business. The overall business was undertaken by Wulong Karst Co.Ltd., supported by Jiulongpo Tourism, Dazu Tourism Development Commission and tourism companies such as Hainan Airlines, Cruises and New Century Cruises, as well as districts and counties like Fengjie County and Wushan County hand by hand, they achieved a complete success with concerted efforts. From bilingual host and market of the promotion and the delicate promotion screen, to the lottery tour of the international direct-return air tickets provided by the travel companies, the Yangtze River cruise tickets and other rich tourist prizes, as well as adorable roly-poly panda dolls on-site, the promotion always interacted frequently and kept warm. American travel merchants expressed great interest and intimacy to Chongqing's tourism products such as the Three Gorges, Panda, Hot Pot, General Stilwell Museum and Flying Tigers Exhibition Center, etc. They also expected the 2018 Chongqing New Year's Eve Promotion to be held in New York, America.

During the visit to Guizhou province, Chongqing tourism marketing team had a friendly meeting with foreign guests including the vice chairman of ASTA board of directors and the chairman of the National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA). Both sides conducted a friendly exchange and discussion on strengthening the tourism cooperation between the two major travel trade associations of the United States and Chongqing, and developing resources complementation, publicity interaction and market exchange.

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