2018 Chongqing-CEEC Cultural Season Unveiled

29th August 2018


2018 Chongqing-CEEC Cultural Season Unveiled-1

On 26th August, the opening ceremony and summer concert of Jiefangbei CBD square weekend concert of the 2018 Chongqing-CEEC Cultural Season was officially held at the Chongqing Guotai Arts Center. During the ceremony, the Concert of Czech Boys Choir, which is known as the troup of national treasure, was performerd in the Jiefangbei CBD Square Weekend Concert, offering an audio-visual banquet for the audiences.

2018 Chongqing-CEEC Cultural Season Unveiled-2

It is reported that “The concert of Czech Boys Choir”is the 543th concert that are held in the Jiefangbei CBD square weekend concert festival, also it is appointed as the opening ceremony show in 2018 Chongqing- CEEC Cultural Season. This excellent performance presented a traditional culture and contemporary artistic style and features of CEEC.

The Czech Boys Choir is a national troupe from the Czech Republic. It has toured in China, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea and European countries for many times, and was awarded the title of "EU Cultural Ambassador" in 2015.

The Chongqing-CEEC Cultural Season has left a deep impression for Chongqing citizens last year. And this year, The Czech Boys Choir is just an opening show in Cultural season, and next it will invite more excellent troupes to give the performance such as Republic of Estonia clown pantomime of PPIP and TUUT for bringing a cool greeting in this summer day. The person in charge of the festival said, 2018 Chongqing-CEEC Cultural Season, which aims to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between CEE countries and Chongqing.

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