Chef VS Consul General | Guest Chef in Kempinski Hotel Chongqing

08th Aug 2019


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The Consul General of Germany is not due a meeting, nor is he on a business trip, but rather he is in the kitchen to cook for us. Can you imagine that? Let’s move back to the Paulaner, Chongqing Kempiski Hotel.

但你能想象到一个国家领事馆的总领事挽起袖子,穿上厨师服戴上厨师帽亲自下厨烹饪食物的场景吗? 2019年7月24日晚,在重庆凯宾斯基酒店普拉那啤酒屋就上演了这样难得一见的名场面!

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Mr. Robert von Rimscha, the Consul General of Germany in Chengdu cooked a special dish of his hometown for guests including media and government officials.

德国驻成都领事馆总领事---Robert von Rimscha先生卸下总领事的光环,为媒体及政府官员现场制作了一道他的家乡特色菜肴Sauerbraten mit Spatzle und Rotkohl。

In order to bring the authentic German

In order to bring the authentic German style experience to the guests, Mr von Rimscha started to prepare ingredients and recipes half a month before the event. The beef for the sour roast beef was seasoned in red wine to give a very unique taste. That combined with homemade sour sauce, purple cabbage and noodles, and the spicy flavor of Chongqing, tasted fabulous!

Robert von Rimscha先生为了能给受邀宾客们带来地道的德国美食体验,早在活动开始前半个月就开始准备食材与配方,经过多次挑选及调整才将这一道Sauerbraten mit Spatzle und Rotkohl呈现大家面前。牛肉经过了红酒的腌制,口味变得更加独特,搭配德国秘制酸汁、紫甘蓝以及面疙瘩,再结合了重庆的麻辣风味,三重味蕾体验就如德国的三色国旗组合,让人欲罢不能!


More than 20 people attended the guest chef's activities including people from government, the media and friends of Consul General. The homemade specialties prepared by Mr. von Rimscha were very well received by all. The event was more than simply delicious food, and was more about the China-Germany relationship.

共有二十余人参加此次客座厨师活动,其中包括政府官员,媒体及总领事友人。Robert von Rimscha先生精心准备的家乡特色菜肴得到了受邀宾客的一致好评。这不仅仅一场异域美食风味之旅,更是中德友谊的别样展现。

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CQGuide: What is the inspiration of the dish today? Why did you choose it?

Mr. von Rimscha: I wanted to give all our guests tonight a chance to sample some food which they usually would not associate with Germany because it’s not widely available. German food is famous in China for sausage, in terms of drinks for beer, what many people in China do not know is the Germany has the very well developed high-class food culture with many, many 3star restaurants, and actually the highest increase in 3 star Michelin restaurants all over the world. The sour roast beef was from the very south part of Germany, and pasta from a different area in the south west of Germany, so that was very strong regional element. And the red cabbage, which has certain sweetness to eat, and has some sliced ham in it, is also a very traditional dish, which has many variations. German cuisine is very regional; the sour roast beef has its own recipe in almost every region in Germany.

I want to show Chinese people that there is German food which is not only sausage, there’s excellent German white wine called Lislin which is appreciated all over the world. I added a special element: the sour beef roast is almost black, the red cabbage is red, and the south German pasta is yellow, and these are the colors of the German flag, black, red, yellow, so the plate in the artistic sense resemble the color of German flag.

In order to bring the authentic German

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