Somerset's Mid-Autumn Festival family day


Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, or Mooncake Festival, is one of the most important dates in the Chinese calendar, and is a time when families get together and eat delicious food.


This year on Friday 13th September, residents at the Somerset Yangtze River were invited to get involved in the festival spirit and learn how to make Sweetened bean paste Dafu Mooncake.


Guests from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Canada and Hongkong were guided by professional bakers over the course of a few hours to create individual sweetened bean paste Dafu Mooncake, shaped like bunnies, where the guests could decorate the faces and give their bunnies individual personalities!


"We love to put on fun events such as this one and it was great to see so many people of all ages and from all over the world sharing in and embracing this important Chinese holiday," said Jo ZHOU, the Residence Manager.


"The children especially enjoyed creating the faces of the Dafu and we hope they will feel a connection to this festival in the future."


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