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The annual double eleven shopping day is getting closer. 11.11 - the biggest shopping day of the year - are you excited? 
The most special gifts, are dedicated to your loved ones!
Global Doctor Chongqing, fullfills your health queries with a promotion package specially for the double 11 day, which can be purchased only during 11-13 Nov. 2019! ! ! 
 Are you ready? Fill your shopping cart now, and head towards health and happiness with Global Doctor.

环球医生重庆,为您健康打Call, 双十一特别推出惊喜优惠套餐,只限11月11-13日购买!!!

11.11Global Doctor Chongqing Dental Offer

1.Tooth cleaning package ¥150, buy one get one free (Purchasing only available during 11th-13th, Nov. 2019)

洁牙套餐 ¥150元, 买一赠一(购买时间仅限2019年11月11-13日)

2. Tooth whitening package ¥5000, buy one get one free (Purchasing only available during 11th-13th, Nov. 2019)

美白套餐 ¥5000元,买一赠一 (购买时间仅限2019年11月11-13日)

Tooth Cleaning Package:

(Record set up, EMS ultrasonic scaling, polishing, Intra oral pictures, oral evaluation)
 舒适型洁牙套餐:(含挂号,建档,瑞士EMS超声波洁牙,抛光, 内窥镜专业检查, 口腔状况评估)


Tooth Whitening Package:

(Doctor consultation, 
oral examination, tooth whitening, personalized service)

11.11 Special Beatuty Package Promotion

Whole face laser freckles removal全面部激光祛斑

Special Offer: One time whole face laser freckles removal ¥680

(Purchasing only available during 11th-13th, Nov. 2019) For more information about our skin management center promotion, feel free to contact us.

About Global Doctor

Global Doctor China is a medical service group, it is the first Chinese medical facility to provide the Western style family medicine out-patient services since 1999, and now it's a well-known brand of international medical service provider. It has established multiple medical centers in China, including Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Nanjing, Xi'an, Nanchang, Taiyuan, Wuhan and a 24/7 assistance response center in Beijing. We have established a worldwide medical network access over 200 countries and a medical network of the public and private hospitals in Greater China Region. 

Global Doctor Chongqing now has 2 clinics. Our multi-lingual medical team is combined with Western and Chinese doctors, and well-trained bilingual nurses, provides excellent primary health care and convenient medical services to the expatriate communities and local residents since 2004. The services provided in the past had earned Global Doctor a solid reputation. The medical services include 24hrs out-patient(X-ray/ ultrasound/ lab tests) / 24hrs emergency assistance / specialist referral / admission arrangement / hotel visit, etc. Our working languages include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Malay and Chinese. 

For more information please contact us below

Medical Center: Global Doctor Chongqing

医疗中心: 环球医生富乐门诊部

Address: Suit2, F3, No.343 Jinkai Avenue, Liangjiang New Area, 401147 Chongqing.

地址:重庆市两江新区金开大道343号3楼2号 (永固金鼎时代)

T: +86-23 6308 5550

E: chongqing@globaldoctor.com.cn

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