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5th July 2019



Chongqing Railway Transit Loop Line Danzishi Station and the LuojiabaStation is running now. The hours of operation are: 07:30-20:30.


Chongqing Railway Transit has a QR code with a online purchase service available. Including Alipay and WeChat. You can purchase tickets at the ticket booth with WeChat or Alipay, or at the auto-ticket machine.


From July 10th onward, Chongqing North Railway Station's South Square will be closed and will be rebuilding until the Spring Festival in 2021. PLEASE Go directly to the North Square.


The Exit and Entry Administration Office that was in Jiangbei will be moving to No. 65 Jianxin North Road on July 8th. For Public Transportation: Get off at the Line 3 Hongqihegou Station, take exit 1 towards the Foreign Economic & Trade Mansion for about 500m.


Chongqing has a garbage disposal in each district. Currently there are 23 residential districts that are covered with garbage disposal areas and will be broadening further to include 358 communities in 43 residential districts.


On July 2, 2019, the Seminar of Ethiopian Airlines' Freighter Flight Chongqing - Addis, Ababa - South America were held at the Hyatt Regency in Chongqing. This route strengthens economic trade exchanges between Chongqing, Asia, Africa and South America, and promotes growth and prosperity!


There are direct flights between Chongqing and Jeju Airport, Chongqing and Mandalay has been operating for some time now. To Jeju: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. To Mandalay: Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


The ferry from Chaotianmen to Dazhulin has been re-routed. Starting at 9:00AM from Chaotianmen Port and Dazhulin (Dazhulin to Chaotianmen); the last ferry of Chaotianmen to Dazhulin wull be at 18:10 (Dazhulin to Chaotianmen will be at 17:30).


A direct train from ChongqingXi Railway Station to Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station is currently running now, which takes about 7.5 hours.


A joint Chinese-Italian patrol started on June 27th in Jiefangbei and will last for 10 days. Also, an offering of the helping hand to the foreign tourist. It is the first time that the Chongqing police and any foreign police have held any type of joint patrol.


77 bomb shelters have opened to the public for free, offered with drinks, books, heatstroke preventive tactics, TV's and other services. 

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