【COVID Diaries】#2 France


What's the Covid-19 situation like worldwide? CQGuide has asked our followers from different coutries to share their stories and what their lives are like recently. This week we have Emma from France to share her story.



Student in Chongqing University
CQGuide Ambassador

Chinese Law Student, moved to CQ in September 2018. She loves studying new cultures, traveling and discovering new food specialties, new cooking styles. She is enthusiastic about gathering people together in order to create links.

I came back in France one month ago, when the situation of the virus didn't even reach its peak. The whole country was lockdown.


It was the first time I was seeing Paris without any noises, of cars, of people, of the glasses cheering on the terrasse of cafes.


When I reached my hometown, all I saw was the fear, and sadness of people in their eyes.


Like most places in the world, what affects people is not knowing what will happen next, the fear of uncertainty, and something worst..the fear of other people.


After a while, in the village I am staying in, I graduatly saw a lot of will for solidarity emerging from all those fears, solidarity with old people that cannot do groceries, solidarity for the small companies risking to go bankrupt, and solidarity for children and parents.


I decided to help my friend's restaurant, as we decided to start a grocery service for solidarity, helping the people that cannot move and delivering them food supplies, and also proposing twice a week some restaurant food, where people pick-up either their recipes to make at home or restaurant food to bring them some changes in their lockdown routine. All of this with a heavy protocol for health security, everyone wearing mask, respecting distanciation and no gatherings.


We saw the solidarity of people coming out, participating into the making of hand-made mask and collaborating all together to assure that everyone will get something. But most importantly.. we finally saw the smile and joy on people again! And this what we are the most grateful for, that even in such bad times, people can still smile.


We have to never forget that,
Even in such a dramatic situation,
Where everyone's safety is threaten,
There is always bright sides and good things happening, we just have to see them, and manage to contribute as much as we can to it!


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