A New Bus-priority Lane Has Been Put into use from Dashiba to Hongqihegou

21th August 2018



On 15th August, the Hongshi Road bus-priority lane has been officially put into use. It’s noted that the total length of the lane is about 4.3 kilometers, running through Station of Huahuiyuan, Daqingcun and others.

Also, it’s changing the history of city bus, because there is no direct rail transit can reach between Shapingba District and Jiangbei district, and the citizens needed to choose transfer between line 1 and line 3 before. With the priority lane coming into use, it provides the convenience for those who choose public transportation.

As far as concerned, the Liangjiang Bus Company has optimized 10 bus lines such as Line 133, 183, 205, 245, 270, 605, 815, 863, 865 and 881 by adjustment and merger measures as well as optimized three bus stations, such as Dashiba, Huahuiyuan and Hongqihegou West bus station, which reduced the bus repetition coefficient of Hongshi Road, standardized the order of the station, and tookfully advantage of the bus priority lane, improving the efficiency of bus operation.

In order to cooperate with the use of bus-priority lane, the Line 148 and 183 of Hongshi Road have been upgraded to 71 buses, and for 23 vehicles of line 127 will be upgraded soon.

And the priority bus lane from Shiqiaopu to Xiaolongkan will be put to use in the next week, as following, there will be about more than 10 lanes put into use as opening one every two weeks one after another, which it brings more convenience to citizens.

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