Back to the Three Gorges: Explore Wonderful Memories From 20 Years Ago

12th October 2018



The event, Back to The Three Gorges, looks for visitors who were at the Three Gorges 20 years ago. It is organized by Chongqing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development. Some foreign visitors e-mailed to share their stories about the beautiful place.

Stories About the Three Gorges

Mr. Mengchun Yi lived along with the Daning River at Wushan County before. He and his friends helped about 30 Japanese Visitors 20 years ago endangered by flood tides. Mr. Yamada, a Japanese traveler, was one of those visitors saved by Mengchun Yi. From then on, Mr. Meng developed a deep affection with Mr. Yamada and received his funding for several years. When Mengchun Yi got the news about the event “Back to The Three Gorges”, he hoped to meet Mr. Yamada and express his appreciation to Mr. Yamada.

Tarrant, a businessman from New Jersey the United States, had an unforgettable memory about the Three Gorges. He was on a business trip in China at that time and developed a friendship with a Chinese gentleman, Mr. Sun during the trip of Three Gorges. Mr. Tarrant wished to meet Mr. Sun again through this event.

Hirsch, a New Yorker, visited the Three Gorges 20 years ago. He applied for and hoped to visit the Three Gorges to experience its natural and cultural beauty again.


About the Event

“Back to The Three Gorges” invites 200 foreign visitors and the crews served the foreign visitors back to The Three Gorges again. It is FREE if the one visited the Three Gorges before 1997. The trip will last for 5 days and 4 nights from November 6th to 10th. The visitors can enjoy hot springs, experiense Liangjiang International Movie City, visit Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing. Then a 5-star cruise will lead visitors to enjoy the magnificent Three Gorges. It will cruise along the Yangtze River from Chongqing to Wushan County, Baidi City, Three Gorges Dam. Participants will have the chance to watch the Great Rivers Concert performed by world famous choirs in Wanzhou during the trip.


If you are interested in the event, the following information should be known:
1.Applicants must provide information including nationality, name, gender, age, and contact information;
2.Photos or videos about the Three Gorges trip 20 years ago should be offered;
3.Please send the above documents to, and the approved notification will be sent by email.
The deadline for overseas application is October 15 while for domestic is October 25.
For application as well as more information, please visit: APPLICATION ENTRANCE

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