Benefits: Seeking 50 Fans of French Football to Watch the WC, on Fairy Mountain on 6/16

17th July 2018


After four years, the FIFA World Cup is back again! This year, in Russia. Be prepared for sleepless nights, celebratory beer promotions, and early morning wake-ups. If you’re planning to watch alone from home, maybe you should think again: that’s fallen out of fashion.

Don’t worry, we’ve already set everything up for you.

If you are a French soccer fan, then congrats, and welcome aboard!

This summer must be different from any ever as the Wulong Karst tourist area hosts a heavy launch of the 2018 Fairy Maiden grass World Cup and upgrades its camping base.

On June 14 and 15 there will be several sections for you to enjoy, including a Russian folk customs and gourmet street, a World Cup-themed creative fair, a fun soccer playground, the Fairy Mountain Soccer Championship, an Outdoor World Cup live viewing area, a beer night, and more!

Let’s take a closer look at the festivities:

Russian folk customs and gourmet street


This is the place you can find traditional Russian grocery products, fish, seafood and even famous Russian chicken. Nothing can be compared to the authentic taste of sausage and buckwheat porridge, Borodinsky bread, or pickled cucumbers that are all collected here to stimulate your taste buds.

World Cup-themed Creative Fair


You can find the most cutting age and creative world cup theme products here.

Follow the official account and scan the QR code for Wulong scenic spot for a chance to get a World Cup-themed make-up and manicure.

Fun soccer playground

Various interesting football games are waiting for you here, one of which should suit everyone.


Fairy Mountain Soccer Championship

On the weekend, in a standard futsal football stadium, you can throw yourself into the professional futsal games. From Monday to Friday, if you want to show off your skills, you can join in a pick-up football match.

Watch the World Cup live in the open air


Don’t watch it by yourself at home, come and see the matches live with the largest flat-screen TV in the world, and cheer on your favorite with your friends, as loud as you want here.

Katyusha Beer Night


Led by a famous Russian dance group, the classical Russian music and art shows will ignite your passion.

Various types of beer are available, as are BBQ and exciting table games.

On weekends, we invite professional coaches to teach children some soccer skills and guidance.

Junior Soccer camp


FIFA 2018 E-Sport experience


With the biggest flat-screen TV in the world to show a soccer game, lets you compete with your skills and IQ at the same time.

Let’s share this football feast in Fairy Mountain. It’s the place to go!

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