Discounts For Women

on“Women’s Day”

10th March 2018


On Thursday, March 8th, Women’s Day, women who go to the observation deck of WFC will get discounts.

The observation deck of WFC is located on the 73rd and 74th floor of the Chongqing World Financial Centre, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District. Transportation to the Centre is convenient. When standing on the observation deck with the glass wall all around, you can overlook magnificent view of the intersection of the two rivers and see Yuzhong Peninsula. At the same time you can enjoy the exclusive geographic spectacle of the Chongqing cityscape, complete with its many cultural symbols.

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When night falls, the observation deck echoes the landmarks of the Grand Theater, Nanbin Road, and Nanshan Mountain in the distance. This has become the best place for the new generation to appreciate the night view of the Mountain City and the must-visit destination for all visitors. It makes people fall in love with Chongqing, the Mountain City, from a higher perspective.

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On March 8th, two people (female limited) need to pay for only one ticket. At the same time, women will get 20 percent discount in purchasing tickets (the original price is RMB 88 per person, the discount price is RMB 70 per person, only for one person).

Each person will be provided with a bottle of water for free. In short, you can only pay RMB 70 when you go with your girl bestie, then you can have an experience worth RMB 176, making your Women’s Day celebration beautiful and different.

In addition, Chongqing Andover Ocean Park announced it will have promotional pricing during Women's Day. From March 8 to 11, female tourists can buy a ticket for 99 yuan — a 34% discount — through the e-commerce platform.

In Ocean Park, a variety of beautiful jellyfish are the most attractive creatures. There is the pure Aurelia aurita, the elegant pacific sea nettle, the Cyanea capillata shaped like peach as well as the mottled Papuan jellyfish, etc. Adorned with the lighting and landscape, the Yinhe Jellyfish Museum is undoubtedly the best place for women tourists taking pictures.

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The smart and lovely dolphin is the second treasure in Ocean Park to attract tourists. By waving at the dolphin, it will come to greet the tourists, shaking his head or looking at the visitors with curiosity. Many tourists are attracted by the lovely gestures of the dolphins and take photos with them.

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According to the person in charge, Chongqing Andover Ocean Park will launch the special activities for all female visitors from March 8 to 11 by only 99 yuan (regular price: 150 yuan). The discount tickets are only available through the e-commerce platform, Ctrip. In addition, Andover Ocean Park is open during peak season hours: 9: 00-17: 30.

Address: No. 133, Jialong Road, Longzhouwan, Ba'nan District
Traffic: Xuetangwan Station, Line 3
Fare: Andover Ocean Park - adult ticket 150 yuan / person
Open hours: 9: 00-17: 30

From: Hello Chongqing

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