Good news! Changshou cable car to reopen after 2 years

1th October 2018


A cable car whose stopped operation for more than 2 years is to reopen on 1st, October and people can take it for free to enjoy the view during the operating times.

The Changshou cable car station is located in Wangjianglu Community, Fengcheng Sub-district, Changshou District. It was built on February 1964 and was completed and began to have transport service in October the same year.


The Changshou cable car was designed by Maoyisheng who is an renowned bridge experts in China,the main frame body is the fish-belly rails with the length of 282 meters and vertical diameter of 110 meters at its widest point.

The cable car was put into operation to increase the efficiency of transport between the He street and center city in Changshou , its much more faster and convenient than walking.

Known as the mainly used by the local population for inexpensive and most importation travel between Changshou District and He street, which carries many memories and longing for last generation of local people.


After 2 years technological updating on cable car since out of action in 2016, Changshou cable car has resumed service on 1st October, this month.

Its noted from the authority , after the operation of Changshou cable car, its free to take while enjoy the view the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Yangtze River.

Operating time: From 7AM to 10:30PM per day, 15.5 hours in total.

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