How Should You Celebrate the Lantern Festival

21th February 2019

News The Lantern Festival falls on the final day of the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, and because of this it is also a super busy day for most families. 過完元宵,中國新年才算真正的結束。 元宵節這一天,也是在春節期間格外熱鬧的一天。



How does everyone celebrate the special day? Perhaps your Chinese friend will give you a bowl of rice dumplings: “eat ‘yuanxiao’ (rice glue ball) means they want to have a warm get-together in the New Year." 大家都是怎麼慶祝的呢? 也許你的中國朋友會端上一碗熱氣騰騰的湯圓說:“元宵節吃湯圓,代表團團圓圓”。 Traditions & customs of the Lantern Festival: 說說元宵節的那些傳統習俗: The Lantern Festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar Chinese calendar. As early as the Western Han Dynasty (206 BCE-CE 25), it became a festival with great significance.  每年的正月十五日為元宵節,是中國獨有的具有傳統意義的節日,早在漢文帝時期就已經出現,距今已有2000多年的歷史。 There are Five major customs that are observed. 元宵節主要五大習俗



Yuan Xiao

Yuan Xiao (rice glue ball), a typical Chinese food, is essential on Lantern Festival. In Chinese culture it is symbol of reunion. 習俗一 吃元宵 元宵,又稱湯圓。中國自古以來就講究家庭和睦、團圓,因此在元宵佳節,大家都會和家人一起吃“元宵”,代表團團圓圓。

Lantern Exhibitions

In ancient times, there would be colorful lanterns everywhere. All the family members would go out together to the lantern exhibitions to enjoy their beauty. It is also a romantic chance to socialize. 習俗二 賞花燈 古時城裡鄉間,到處張燈結綵,盛況空前。屆時,不論皇室貴戚,平民百姓,均可破常規,出遊嬉鬧。元宵節賞花燈正好是一個交誼的機會,未婚男女借著賞花燈也順便可以為自己物色物件。



Guessing Lantern Riddles

People can have fun trying to solve the riddles written on a paper attached to various lanterns. It is a good chance to learn and fits the atmosphere of the festival, so it has gradually become an important part of the Lantern Festival.

習俗三 猜燈謎

寫好謎語的紙條會貼在五光十色的彩燈上供人猜。因為謎語能啟迪智慧又迎合節日氣氛,所以回應的人眾多,而後猜謎逐漸成為元宵節不可缺少的節目。 Dragon-dancing parade Chinese dragons are a symbol of China's culture, and they are believed to bring good luck to all. The dance is performed by a team of experienced dancers who manipulate a long flexible figure of a dragon using poles positioned at regular intervals along the length of the dragon in order to pray for a good harvest in the coming year.



習俗四 耍龍燈

耍龍燈也稱舞龍。中華民族崇尚龍,把龍作為吉祥的象徵。龍燈一般由數十人舉起緊連龍身的木棍而起舞。以此習俗求風調雨順、五穀豐登。 Walking on Stilts The folk stilts performance is usually done during festivals such as the Spring Festival and the Double Ninth Festival. In order to make the performance more attractive, people usually mix traditional dramas with stilts.

習俗五 踩高蹺

民間的高蹺表演,通常在春節、重陽登高等傳統節日進行。為了使高蹺表演更具吸引力,人們常把傳統戲曲與踩高蹺技術結合起來。 So, Do you have any plans for the Lantern Festival?



Why not try out these new ideas!! 看到這裡, 在元宵節你有什麼打算嗎? 今年元宵節,何不玩點新花樣? Chic Tiandi - Lantern Festival Fair" hits 2019 “2019重慶天地粉色元宵廟會”重磅來襲! Chic Tiandi - Lantern Festival Fair A pink world brings you a different Lantern Festival. Fairs with food and fun, Are you in? 與傳統元宵節一片火紅色景象不同,重慶天地首創粉飾元宵,為大家帶來了新穎的元宵玩法!豐富多樣的市集內容,逛吃逛玩,讓人目不暇接!



Lantern Festival Special Event: Lucky carrier –Rice glue ball with Sakura filling Get wiser - Guessing Lantern Riddles  Time: February 19th 17:30-18:30  Location: Campanile Square 元宵節特別活動: 櫻花湯圓派發&猜燈謎 開運櫻花湯圓免費派發 元宵佳節甜甜蜜蜜 現場還有猜燈謎遊戲 奇妙新春樂趣無窮  時間:2月19日 17:30-18:30  地點:鐘樓廣場


Happy Lantern Festival! 祝大家元宵快樂鴨!

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