Intellectual Life: Scanning to Pay for the Taxi in Downtown City

08th August 2018


It’s learned from Chongqing Road Transportation Administrative Bureau that online payment platform has been already installed in the taxis of downtown city at the present. After arrival, passengers can simply scan the QR code to pay fare by WeChat or Alipay. At the same time, the platform will form an electric travel itinerary for passengers so as to find their lost things and make evaluation.


It is introduced that the online payment platform is not only equipped with scanning payment management, aslo electric travel itinerary management and offline evaluation management. An intelligent terminal, implanted in the platform, will automatically form a QR code including fare information after the taxi arrives at the destination, so passengers can pay by scanning the QR code via Alipay or WeChat. After successful payment, the driver will receive payment information in time.

According to the Municipal Transportation Management Bureau, in June, nearly 12,000 taxis in the downtown city have completed the installation of online payment platforms. The cumulative number of trading orders is 2.93 million, and the number of evaluations is 440,000, with an average of 25,000 orders per day.


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