Liziba viewing platform will be grand opening in August

16th Junly 2018


Which scenic spots is the most popular in Chongqing,Besides, Hongyadong,There should be Liziba Station, where the light rail train runs through buildings.

There comes a good news. Liziba viewing platform to be available at the end of August. For visitors, its much more comfy to experience this scene with the upgraded facility.

The supporting facilities, which beneath the platform, will be open to the public for free before the National Day.

By design scheme, viewing platform covers an area of about 1,500 square meters, consisting of two main parts: photographic zone of 840 square meters, and functional zone which includes the tour bus stop, shooting square zone, glass trestle viewing zone and pedestrian path. Moreover, the project will add two footpaths, respectively connected with Liziba Park and Jiabin Road. Under the platform, the toilets cover an area of more than 140 square meters.


New footpath connecting Liziba Park

The Liziba Station has became a hot scenic spot, in the meantime, the supporting facilities should be improved. Therefore, the organizer just put the nearly 200-square meters supporting facilities beneath the viewing platform into schedule. In addition to the houses for management, toilet area which covers more than 140 square meters will be completed in the future, which will bring much more convenice for tourists.

According to the project director, parts of the supporting facilities are planning to be completed and open to public before the National Day.

In addition, two new footpaths will be added to the viewing platform, which connecting Liziba Park and Jiabin Road respectively, and it will alleviate the traffic peak in the area.


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