Looking for the future in Testbed2 on 20th September

30th September 2018



The Smart China Expo has built up momentum for innovation and the effects are still lingering. If you are intrigued by cool technology, you can explore the T2 International Contemporary Art Center of Eling Testbed 2 to experience the combination of modern intelligent technology and an artistic facade of Chongqing. From September 20 to October 15, a contemporary interactive new media immersive art exhibition called “Intelligent Creations of Chongqing” will be held at the T2 International Contemporary Art Center. Young artists from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (SFAI) will bring you the experience of a Chongqing fantasy; based on the artistic concepts of “reality and virtuality”.

The combination of intelligent technology and art, reconstructing the fantasy Chongqing

These young SFAI artists will use digital technology to break the limitations of traditional sculptures in their efforts to construct the Chongqing fantasy. The combination of intelligent technology and art will require the use of a combination of graphic painting, digital images, interlaced projection, three-dimensional shaping, interactive vision, multi-dimensional sound, etc. to construct a new audiovisual space. The space, which brings a full range of immersive multimedia viewing experience, challenges the scientific thinking with the artist's imagination and lets the audience see the countless possibilities for the city in the future.

A new immersive art experience: a new experience of fun and art

Unlike the regular “contemplative” exhibition, “Intelligent Creations of Chongqing”, offers a new way of immersive art experience. The audience will be surrounded by various audio-visual effects such as light, shadow and synthetic sound. They can touch, hug and kiss, thus feeling the space created by the art and experience the stimulation of the sound, delivering a realistic and dramatical effect.

Closed Monday
Tuesday–Sunday: 10 am–21:00 pm
These tickets may be purchased onsite at a Testbed2 ticket counter or book the tickets online in advance.

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