Music.. Food.. All set!

30th September 2018


Gooooooooood news!
The National Day is 3 days away! Finally a week-long holiday to enjoy this year!
Can’t wait to celebrate the birthday of China!
Are you ready to go traveling?

Traffic jam? Shit
Everything 3x more expensive than usual? Oh shit
Can you survive in the huge crowds of people? Holy shit
You can’t just bum around home for 7 days.
So, are there any places with delicious food, fun things to do, and that aren’t too crowded?
The Chongqing Tiandi Music & Food Festival is the place to be!
Have fun in October!
September 25 - October 7
"Tiandi Restaurant Week" is in full swing
50% discount & 12 specialty restaurants
You can get signature dishes and delicious seasonal dishes at an affordable price.
How can you participate?

1. Long press the QR code below, follow CCB [慧兜圈] and get the coupon via their instructions.
2. enjoy the168yuan set menu (original price: 318 yuan) with your coupon

What kind of dishes?


Share great moments of eating delicious food with your family, friends, boy friends, girlfriends or just
strangers you meet in the street...
Enjoy perfect food and a wonderful concert during your holiday!

“Listen To The City” Listen to the heartbeat of the city
October 2-3
Bringing you into the music
Performanced by Wonderlust King, Ma Yuan poet, Lamplighters, and Prism
Let the music begin!

October 13th "Folk Music Festival Of The River"
4 stars of Chongqing folk music: Han Dongchen, Zeng Nan, Zhang Yao, Liu Junliang will tell you the story of the City
and themselves

VC Vitamin Concert | every weekend in October
A place for the new generation! Bringing you diversity, vitality, and a new style of life.

A colorful and tasty October is coming.
Get your music and food packages and have a Happy National Day!

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