Promise You Won’t Tremble?

Walk In The Sky

6th December 2017


Promise You Won’t Tremble-1

Attention, thrill-seeker! Wanna overlook Chongqing above the air? Embrace your inner speed freak now, right in main city!
Since new year eve in 2018, a brand-new 3D panoramic glass bridge is going to announce its opening in Yinglongxia Tourism Scenic Spot, Qiaoping Mountain.

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Titled as the first panoramic glass bridge in Chongqing as well as in possession of the closest glass view to main city, the bridge is
adopted cable-stayed between two canyons, with more unrivalled thrills put on by advanced composite material. In order to make sure
its safety, the bulletproof glasses that overpass four times at glass strength are put into use. Once you decide to tackle the
challenge and set your first step on, the vivid 3D images will greet you at the first place. Whenever you sit on the thrill-seeker
spectrum, these experiences offer everything from “wow” moment to once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline hits.

Promise You Won’t Tremble-2

The whole bridge measures to nearly 200 meters and 260 meters if added approach bridge. Looking down then you’ll
experience a far-reaching view above 160 meters high. Once it’s opened to public, the first cross-over glass bridge in Chongqing as
well as in Southwest also born at the same time.

Promise You Won’t Tremble-3

A total of three tourist attractions and four extreme recreations are involved in Yinglongxia.

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