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Dynamic Chongqing

26th January 2018



Benefit from the fusion of cultural and tourism development, Chongqing gathers full harvest in 2017, receives 540 million tourists, and achieves total tourism revenue reaching to 330 billion yuan. Tourism revenue grew at an average annual rate of 14%, which is 10 percentage points above the world average.

The City of Countless 'Most'-1


Chongqing the official designated co-operative city of 2018 New York Times New Year's Countdown. The promotion of Chongqing cultural tourism image was integrated with the New Year's Eve celebration scene, attracting more than 1 billion global audience to watch in real time.

The City of Countless 'Most'-2


Chongqing: The World’s Fastest Growing City for Tourism


Chongqing ranks the first place among the top 10 world’s fastest growing tourist cities released by the World Travel and Tourism Council. According to the organization's research on 65 cities around the world, the average annual growth rate of tourism revenue in Chongqing is about 14%, while the average annual growth rate of world tourism revenue is 4%. Coincidentally, Chongqing ranked first in the list of "Top 50 Most Popular Tourism Cities in China 2017" list.

The City of Countless 'Most'-3


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