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Hongyadong, located in Changbai Road, Yuzhong Distric, is renowned for its combination of sightseeing, relaxing,entertaining and business, it was built based on the style of traditional architecter “diaojiaolou”. It absorbs well into the hillside and leans well against the cliffs, and it can be reached from jiefangbei CBD along Jialing River, therefore, it is the best place for appreciating Diaojiaolou complex, Hongya Dripping, old street scenes, authentic Bayu customs, confluence of rivers and various delicious foods as well. It functions as the city balcony.

Hongyadong has 11 levels from the riverside road at the bottom to the Cangbai Road on the top. It’s a major tourist site with old streets, delicious food, restaurants, and the Bayu traditional culture performance. It’s now famous for its night views which can be admired from top to bottom.

How to get there

You can take Line 1 to Xiaoshizi Station to get there.

Chongqing Hongyadong
Pirce & Time
24 hrs
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