The People’s Hall

the People’s Hall
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Chongqing People's Hall

Constructed in 1953, the People’s Hall is a landmark of Chongqing. Combining occidental and oriental styles, it has a main building with traditional Chinese characteristics, such buildings can be found in the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest in Temple of Heaven in Beijing and Tiananmen, it also has two column-style buildings in the north and south wings. There are green glazed tiles in the roofs and red columns along the corridor, together with exquisite carved rails and painted beams give the whole building a harmonious and gorgeous look. In June, 2010, the People’s Hall was awarded “Building of Excellence of Chinese People.” Now it is the main hall served for the Sino-Western communication regard to culture, art, music, etc.

There is a magic music fountain square paved with smooth and shining marble tiles in front of the hall. You can see hundreds of people dancing to the colorful lights in the beautiful nights.

Chongqing People's Hall
Pirce & Time
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
20 RMB
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