The Golden Knife Gorge

  • Natural Landscape

This 10km long canyon in Beibei District is around 70km from downtown. It was formed over 100 million years ago and is famous for its beautiful cliffs and well-worn river bed.

The gorge is narrow and cool and a plank path overhangs the water much of the way. It’s possible to raft and one section hikers must take a punt through a very narrow section.

There’s a chair lift from top to bottom and sedan chairs, called “Huagan” (Bamboo Sedan Chair) for hire if you can’t manage the climb.

The Golden Knife Gorge Chongqing
Chonqing The Golden Knife Gorge
Pirce & Time
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
¥100/per (Mar. to Oct.) 60/per (Nov. to Feb.)

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