Tongyuan Gate

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Being a strategic location, Tongyuanmen had witnessed many wars and battles since its establishment. In 1922, the local government implemented municipal reform and built the British Consulate, the French consulate, Ren Ai Tang Monastery, and the German Consulate within the gate where many foreigners once gathered.

There used to be 17 city gates in Chongqing. However, after 600 year passed, only Dongshui Gate and Tongyuan Gate exist today. The path through Tongyuan gate is the only way to link Chongqing to the outside world. Residents usually went into Jiefangbei, the center of the city by way from Qixinggang to Jiaochangkou.

Tongyuan Gate Chongqing
Chonqing Tongyuan Gate

How to get there

You could take Line 1 to Qixinggang Station and walk there along the 1st Zhongshan Rd.

Chongqing Tongyuan Gate
Pirce & Time
24 hrs

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